A c a de m y Belgian P a edi a trics o f T he
for children

The Plan Care for the Child and Young Persons is now online!

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Plan Care for the Children and Young Persons

From 29 Ministers to 1 Minister of Child!

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Who we are

The Belgian Academy of Paediatrics exists to represent and promote
the interests of the child, based on the Convention of the Rights of
the Child and therefore, in close cooperation with all child-centred
organisations, we aim to inform and influence the political arena to
advocate for children and youngsters.

The Belgian Academy of Paediatrics exists to represent and promote
the interests of the paediatrician. Therefore, as an umbrella of all
regional and Belgian scientific and professional paediatric
organisations as well as all universities, we aim to improve
standards in training, service and research and to represent the
professional interests of paediatricians in Belgium as well as in

Current representatives of the Board and General Assembly

Task forces

Every two years, the priority objectives are proposed by the Board of the Academy of Paediatrics and approved at the General Assembly. Various experts are gathered in different Task Forces to set specific goals and time-lines. When new challenges arise and urgent input is needed, an additional objective is added to an existing Task Force, or an ad-hoc Task Force is created within one of the different sub-areas: Strategic, Scientific, Financial, Education and Society.


Linking (current and future) Paediatric care to Paediatric Training: this Task force will deal with updating the current paediatric core curriculum as well as follow-up on the subquota dossier


Revalorisation of Paediatric Care: this includes striving for correct financing of activities as paediatric day hospital or provisional admissions, as well as for PICU transports and complex consultations.


Coordinating scientific paediatric events as well as child-related events in Belgium, Coordination of the Belgian Journal of Paediatrics, Task Force Nutrition and the Task Force Vaccination.


For medio 2020 till 2022, the Task Force developing the Joy Platform has been retained: the platform will extend from Covid-related information to general topics on well-being and quality of life


Linking (current and future) Paediatric Care to Paediatric Training • Neonatal Care/ Low variable care • Transmural care • the Paediatric COVID 19 Task Force. Recognition of paediatric sub-specialities.