Tools for prevention of severe RSV infections available in Belgium for the next RSV season 2024/2025

Two safe and effective tools for the prevention of severe RSV infections in neonates and young infants are available in Belgium for the next RSV season 2024/2025:

- Maternal anti-RSV vaccine (Abrysvo°) : not reimbursed

- Long-acting monoclonal antibody (nirsevimab - Beyfortus°): reimbursed for preterms AND term neonates born during the RSV season and young infants with or without risk-factors, entering their first RSV season. See criteria attached.

Please start informing the parents and pregnant women about those preventive tools.

Your maternity rounds and private practice visits could be a good opportunity to speak about.

Think about making a prescription for those infants eligible for administration of nirsevimab and advice parents to make an appointment at the beginning of the RSV season (October 2024), knowing that the youngests are the most vulnerable. 

Neonates can be injected during their maternity stay.

Nirsevimab will be available in the hospital and community pharmacies.

Reimbursement can be arranged very easy via CIVARS


< 5 kg body weight: 50 mg IM

> 5 kg body weight : 100 mg IM

In the very near future, many initiatives will be started to inform the public and materials (posters, leaflets,…) will be provided to support this awareness and info campaign.

Meetings for HCW's will be organized.