Neonatal Care /
Low variable care

In July 2018, paediatricians have pointed out to the Cabinet of the Minister of Health Care in 2018 (Mrs De Block) that the basic principle of the newborn having a right to his or her own identity was violated by the proposed law, and emphasised the consequences at birth and in the first days after birth.

Any problems at birth related to the baby are not necessarily linked to the problems of the mother.

In december 2018, the law on low-variable care was published in het Staatsblad/ le Moniteur Belge and still the basic principle of mother and baby being two different identities was violated.

A national action was undertaken by the Academy and all regional and national societies: or


The joint actions are continued in court and closely monitored, with the ultimate goal of considering the newborn as a separate and equal individual from the first minute of birth.

The further optimisation of the quality of care for the neonate by evolving towards uniform guidelines is also one of the objectives of this working group in very close cooperation with the Belgian neonatologists.

Marianne Michel

Board Member, Vice-president Belgian Professional Association of Paediatricians (GBS/VBS)

Luc Cornette

President of Belgian Neonatologists

Luc Pattyn

Boardmember of the VVK

Philippe Alliet

Boardmember of the VVK