Revalorisation of
Paediatric care

Paediatrics is often neglected by its peers and the government. Funding for paediatric activities remains inadequate. Paediatricians remain at the bottom of the scale of incomes of medical specialists.

The revision of the nomenclature by the INAMI/RIZIV, which is now underway, is an opportunity to defend the interests of paediatricians and to distribute the cake of income for specialists more fairly.


By participating in the different working groups of the RIZIV/INAMI concerning the revision of the nomenclature, paediatricians can defend not only their interests, but especially those of the children.

The recognition of subspecialties in paediatrics is a top priority that also has many financial implications: better honouring of first consultation of referred patients, complex consultation, multidisciplinary meetings as well as multidisciplinary consultation.

The correct financing of activities in the day hospital, of provisional admissions must make it possible to implement a more child-friendly policy.

More attention and better financing of primary and secondary prevention by paediatricians can bring huge savings to society in the long run, both financially and in terms of the health of the population.

Tyl Jonckheer

Secretary, President of the Belgian Professional Association of Paediatricians ( VBS/GBS)

Ann Covents

Head of pediatric department at AZ Nikolaas

Stephanie Buysse
Marianne Michel

Board Member, Vice-president Belgian Professional Association of Paediatricians (GBS/VBS)

Luc Pattyn

Boardmember of the VVK

James Dhaese