Task force

The major public health impact of paediatric immunization is known for a very long time. Covid-19 crisis has however put a focus on hopes, achievements and challenges related with immunization. As paediatricians, our responsibility is definitively to be involved in creating the conditions for a broad and consistent preventive program that includes an optimal immunization schedule for each child.

  • Change up-to date information
  • Initiate new training programs to a various public
  • Respond to first line questions related with immunization
  • Press coverage to explain and contextualise decisions
  • Defend paediatric vision in all immunization boards
  • Develop new research projects
  • Liaise and collaborate, for the child interest, will al vaccine-related partners including NGO, public agencies, and private industry
Marc Raes

Board Member, President of the Belgian Society of Paediatrics ( BVK,SBP)

Pierre Smeesters

Board Member, Head of Paediatric Department, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)