Healthcare is changing rapidly and is experiencing a transition to transmural, comprehensive (integrated) and quality-driven patient-centered care with more focus on ambulatory follow-up and care in the home environment and a shift from curative to preventive care.

This is no different for children and adolescents and perhaps even more important to focus on for this target group so that they can grow up to be as healthy and independent adults as possible with maximum health- and development opportunities. A health care system for children that should evolve more to Community Care Paediatrics.


The Academy is convinced that within this transition in the care for children we must work together on a structural transmural and comprehensive (integral) quality and financing framework so that every child has the right and access to the same quality care pathway tailored to his or her needs.

In this the Academy, as an umbrella organization, wants to play a proactive and central role together as experts in the care for children with other important partners.

In addition, the Academy also aims to play a connecting role between all the formal (healthcare) professionals and informal caregivers involved.

Defending children’s rights and real child- and family centered care are the key-principles in our work.

Jeroen Verlinden

Policy Adviser Quality of care for sick children, development pediatric nursing profession and transmural & comprehensive (integral) care KinderThuisZorg

Ann De Guchtenaere

President, Secretary General of the European Academy of Paediatrics

Inge Gies

Board Member, Head of Paediatric Department, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Tyl Jonckheer

Secretary, President of the Belgian Professional Association of Paediatricians ( VBS/GBS)

Kate Sauer

Pediatric pulmonologist Head of pediatric department at AZ Sint-Jan Brugge

Katya De Groote

Paediatric and fetal cardiologist UZ Gent

Ann Covents

Head of pediatric department at AZ Nikolaas

Nele Baeck

Head of pediatric department at AZ Jan Palfijn Gent